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Our Goals and Values


  • Stabilize and integrate the child into a supportive loving and caring community.
  • Enable the development of life skills that lead to healthy and productive relationships with family, self, and others.
  • Empower a positive self esteem and self respect.
  • Empower an understanding of personal rights and respect for the rights of others.
  • Engage family reunification, if possible.
  • Enable emancipation, if needed, toward independent living.
  • Maintain regular Public School attendance.
  • Enable employment opportunities to gain work experience.
  • Engage participation in opportunities in school and community programs of sports, music, and the arts.
  • Engage participation, if desired, in opportunities for spiritual formation and development through religious activities in the community.
  • Manage run away and AWOL behavior.

BAAFS Core Values

At BAAYFS we value the sacredness of all our relationships - with residents, families, service professionals and the environment in which we live. We affirm the following values as viable expressions of our common humanity:

  • Kindness expressed with tenderness; we value that in all our living we may live gentle so that all that is dear to us may also live.
  • in Diversity expressed with harmony; we value that in our cultural differences we can live together with honor and respect for the oneness and solidarity we share as human beings.
  • Agreement expressed with pleasantness; we value that even in our disagreements we can agree to disagree with pleasantness and respect for the opinions and beliefs of each other.
  • Humility expressed with modesty; we value that to err is human, but to forgive is Divine.
  • Patience expressed with perseverance; we value that patience is a virtue that builds character.
  • Compassion expressed with heart; we value that love is shown in our actions.
  • Hospitality expressed with generosity; we value open hearts, open doors, and open minds.