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Group Home & STRTP Admin Certificate Training


For those of you interested in getting your Group Home Administrator certificate,click here to download our Group Home Admin Certification Training registration form [all class dates are on registration] and consider training with us. PLEASE NOTE this class may NOT be used to RENEW a Group Home Administrator certificate unless it has been more than 4 years from the expiration date [see below to renew an Administrator certificate]. Additionally, Group Home is defined as a residential care facility for children and youth thru age 17. This training is NOT for Adult Residential Facility or Residential Care Facility for the Elderly administrator certificates..

RENEWING A GH ADMINISTRATOR CERTIFICATE. If you need RENEWAL hours for a Group Home Administrator certificate, we offer vendor approved CEU training hours or if you are simply interested in gaining knowledge and skills in working with troubled/disadvantaged children and youth, consider training with us. This training is co-sponsored by the Diablo Valley and Los Medanos Community Colleges. There is no fee or registration required. Click here to see schedule of these classes for renewal hours. PLEASE NOTE there are NO classes for these renewal hours during the summer months [June thru August].

STRTP Administrator Training

If you have a valid Group Home Administrator certificate and need an STRTP Administrator certificate, then this is the training for you. You MUST have a valid Group Home Administrator certificate in order to take this class. click here for registration and class dates.