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Welcome to the Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Family Services

Bay Area Alliance Girl We are so happy you have found our website. The Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Family Services (B.A.A.Y.F.S) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Benefit Agency that was founded in January 2002, to provide quality residential, educational, and support services for adolescent girls who have been removed from their family home due to abuse and neglect. In 2010 BAAYFS also began providing foster family placement services for children [girls AND boys ages infant to 17] in approved and certified homes of individuals desiring to serve as a foster parent for a child.

The philosophy of our agency is based on the work of three influential educators: Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning", Benjamin Singer's "The Future Focused Role Image", and Frederick Polak's "The Image of the Future". Frankl's message is based on his prison experiences at Auschwitz during World War II where he discovered that it is essential to find purpose and meaning in life. Polak's research maintains that a child with a vision is empowered to succeed while a child without vision is at risk. Singer identified that the power of a child's sense of connection and belonging to a loving and caring community can motivate a child to succeed and overcome adversity and hardship.

Our mission is to foster a life of meaning, significance, purpose and belonging for each child we serve.

Thank you for visiting.